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January 31, 2019

Proofing to Perfection

Part of earning the trust of our clients and media contacts is providing error-free work. We pride ourselves on mastering the details, and even have a rule that any external materials must be proofed by “two sets of eyes” before they go out the door. We recently gathered our Chicago PR team together to discuss top tips for proofing to
January 28, 2019

LCWA Client DAP Wins Pro Tool Innovation Awards

Is there better news to pass onto a client than that they’ve won an award? Congratulations to LCWA client, DAP, for picking up two Pro Tool Innovation Awards for new Platinum Patch exterior filler and Dynaflex Ultra exterior sealant. These two products were chosen from among 300 entries as best-in-class products in their respective categories. Crafting award submissions is a
January 24, 2019

Multitasking in the Workplace: Tips for Success

Someone once told me you need to slow down in order to speed up. But how could that be in a workplace where multitasking is almost expected? Let me explain. Multitasking is not about piling on the work to the point of exhaustion. Rather, it is about channeling your energy in an efficient and effective manner so that you can
January 21, 2019

Maximizing Trade Show Time with Trex RainEscape

Meeting with media is certainly an integral component of the trade show work we do on behalf of clients – and while these face-to-face meetings are key for fostering media relationships and generating coverage, they’re not the only way to make valuable use of time on the show floor. Case in point: At the latest Remodeling Show and DeckExpo, an