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October 31, 2019

How to Help Clients Earn Valuable Awards and List Placements

A gold star is a great way to denote a job well done. This applies to products, as well. Awards, “best of,” and “top of the top” lists are recognition for a great device and respect for innovation and quality. This recognition can give cachet within the industry, improve credibility with consumers and drive overall brand awareness. To create a
October 29, 2019

Making the Case for Urgent Care Reimbursements

In an industry as complex as healthcare, there are many sectors that are constantly changing and progressing. One such sector is urgent care, where our client the Urgent Care Association (UCA) is leading the charge for better payer reimbursements for urgent care centers that provide valuable services to millions of patients nationwide. When pitching a new UCA position statement on
October 24, 2019

Take Your Product Launch to the Next Level

There are certain basic PR tactics that should be done as a matter of course when you are releasing a new product, from developing key messages and issuing a press release to establishing a target audience and seeding products with media. In order to capture an increasingly distracted audience, your brand needs to take some extra steps to create a
October 21, 2019

Smoke Alarms Help Protect What Matters Most in Any Language

Our multi-lingual society calls for communications in other tongues, particularly when it comes to a topic relevant to everyone: home fire safety. For Fire Prevention Month the First Alert brand and PR teams created and leveraged a variety of Spanish-language resources to reach a wider audience at a heightened time of public fire safety education and retail initiatives.  In addition