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December 22, 2017

These Are a Few of Our Favorite (2017) Things

Tis the season for end of year recaps that wrap up another year gone by. Here are a few of my favorite roundups from 2017: Top Ten Times Brands Nailed it on Twitter – Who can forget Carter Wilkerson’s viral plea for a year’s worth of Wendy’s chicken nuggets, or KFC’s response when a Twitter user realized that they only
December 18, 2017

Politics & PR in 2017: Lessons From the Media

Earlier this month, I attended the Publicity Club of Chicago’s  luncheon featuring an esteemed panel of state and local politics reporters from the AP, POLITICO, WBEZ and the Chicago Tribune. They did not hold back when sharing their thoughts on the political media environment in 2017. As we all know, the atmosphere was volatile, straining relationships between reporters, PR reps
December 11, 2017

Vive la France! Vive BATIMAT!

Last month I had the great pleasure of working  alongside a member of the WE Agency, our Paris-based PRGN partner, on behalf of TREX. The long-time LCWA home PR client was exhibiting at the bi-annual “mondial du bâtiment” (world of building show) BATIMAT and is dedicated to expanding its reach in the French market. With their local expertise, keen knowledge of
December 8, 2017

This Week in Color

With the holidays just around the corner, everything from store windows to streetlights are getting lit up in red and green. This week, even the news seemed particularly colorful. Check out my multicolor week in review: Out of the Blue – After losing his dog nearly two months ago, our very own Nicho Campos just picked up his furry friend