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June 27, 2014

Favorite Finds

It was an exciting week for USA soccer as the men’s national team advanced to the knockout rounds in the FIFA World Cup! Here are some of our other favorite headlines of the week: Top 100 Social Ideas: Looking for more social media content ideas? Check out this listfrom Forbes that covers just about everything you could possibly post on
June 20, 2014

Favorite Finds

It’s been a stormy week in Chicagoland, but the climate has been more temperate on Twitter the past several days. Here are some of my favorite finds: Founder and Brand Identity – This insight from on leveraging a company’s founder for brand identity is particularly interesting given the American Apparel news this week. The 10 Percent Rule– Millennials are
June 17, 2014

.The Healthy Sleep Project: Raising Awareness with the CDC

Chronic sleep loss and sleep illness are big problems in America – demonstrated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) classifying insufficient sleep as a “public health epidemic.” LCWA client the American Academy of Sleep Medicine(AASM) has partnered with the CDC on a project to increase awareness of sleep illness and the importance of sufficient sleep: the National
June 15, 2014

Favorite Finds

Lots of excitement this week from the kick-off of the World Cup to Eric Cantor’s historic defeat in the Republican primary. Here are some other stories that caught our attention last week: The Secret is Out: CIA director John Brennan announced that the super-secret agency planned to launch official CIA social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Based on the first tweet released