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August 29, 2019

Five Tips for an Effective Brainstorm

Leading a successful brainstorm is not tricky. It is simply the product of good planning.Over the years, I have hosted my fair share of brainstorms. Some fell flat and others resulted in wild ideas that once tamed turned into stellar campaign concepts. I have determined that planning and structure are key to driving productivity. It takes some practice to manage
August 26, 2019

Bylined Articles Educate about Workplace Sleep Programs

LCWA helped the Welltrinsic Sleep Network increase awareness about sleep deprivation and tools that employers can take to improve healthy sleep among employees. Part of this campaign effort involved securing bylined articles in trade publications geared toward employers.  LCWA coordinated articles by Dr. Lawrence Epstein, president and CEO of the Welltrinsic Sleep Network, in Benefits Magazine and its Canadian counterpart, Plans
August 21, 2019

Finding and Using Compelling Stats to Get News

In the PR business, including stats in press releases and other media-facing materials is vital. They add significance and credibility to your clients’ announcements, and can also be a great way to craft headlines — creating news that can bolster client messaging, help garner media results during a lull in client activity or even spearhead a campaign. You also want
August 15, 2019

How to Utilize Content across Social Platforms

When creating social content for a client, not all social media platforms should be used the same way. Each platform has different goals and audiences, so it is crucial that your content, social calendars and formats are created specifically for each. Follow these tips to help each platforms audience get the most out of your content:   Tailor your message. Instead