Bylined Articles Educate about Workplace Sleep Programs

August 26, 2019
LCWA helped the Welltrinsic Sleep Network increase awareness about sleep deprivation and tools that employers can take to improve healthy sleep among employees. Part of this campaign effort involved securing bylined articles in trade publications geared toward employers. 

LCWA coordinated articles by Dr. Lawrence Epstein, president and CEO of the Welltrinsic Sleep Network, in Benefits Magazine and its Canadian counterpart, Plans & Trust. These large trade publications target corporate benefits staff and cover employee benefits and compensation. Both articles highlighted the impact of sleep deprivation in the workplace and ways that employers can fight fatigue in the workplace.
Because sleep is particularly important in the transportation industry, LCWA also secured an article in Modern WorkTruck Solutions. The story focused on the detriment of sleep deprivation to the industry, as well as providing some fixes that can be done by employers – and employees – to improve health and safety for their drivers.
Overall, these three articles drove conversation about the impact of sleep deprivation and also drove awareness of the Welltrinsic Sleep Network, which provides employee wellness programs, as a solution.