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January 30, 2018

Polishing to Perfection: A Whitepaper on Flooring

In PR, attention to detail and keeping all audiences in mind is vital to the success of any project – and whitepapers are no exception. We recently completed one such whitepaperfor our client Ecore, an innovator in flooring technology for commercial, athletic and residential facilities. The goal of the whitepaper was to introduce the important role sound-absorbing flooring materials play
January 26, 2018

Cooking Up a Crisis and Tracking New Trends

While the USA Gymnastics trial and government shutdown talks dominated the headlines, there were a few unrelated stories that somehow cut through the clutter. Here are a couple that captured our attention: The Unicorns Are Back – It wasn’t long ago that news feeds were filled with magical references of a unicorn trend. Well, according to Shutterstock’s 2018 visual trend
January 25, 2018

“Building” the Case for More Client Coverage in Orlando

For many the LCWA home PR team, January means one thing – IBS. No, I’m not talking about digestive disorders (although trade show food can definitely be rough on the stomach). I’m talking about the International Builders’ Show – the largest building and construction industry gathering in the world. As one of the nation’s top agencies specializing in home products,
January 19, 2018

This Week’s News Helps Beat the January Blues

Wrigley rocks, flights get fun and it doesn’t stink that Chicago is on Amazon’s list. Get your popcorn ready for my favorites of the week. It’s Poppin’ Off: From the movie theater to the ballpark, popcorn is an American staple we can all celebrate on #NationalPopcornDay. These days it goes far beyond traditional buttered. With shops nationwide serving dozens of