Smoke Alarms Help Protect What Matters Most in Any Language

October 21, 2019
Our multi-lingual society calls for communications in other tongues, particularly when it comes to a topic relevant to everyone: home fire safety.

For Fire Prevention Month the First Alert brand and PR teams created and leveraged a variety of Spanish-language resources to reach a wider audience at a heightened time of public fire safety education and retail initiatives. 

In addition to a Spanish-language press release and direct-to-editor pitching to share new home fire statistics and key safety directives, the team collaborated with other brands on a bilingual satellite media tour, expanding our reach and important safety messages to include Spanish-language radio and TV stations across the country.

We also coordinated and publicized in-store fire education events for adults and children nationwide, providing Spanish-language spokespeople in key markets through retail partners and distributing thousands of bilingual activity books to teach children about fire safety and proper emergency escape planning.

For this campaign and for future initiatives, the brand team developed a series of Spanish-language fire safety videos featuring Dr. Manuel Fonseca, president of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters. A veteran firefighter and passionate educator, Dr. Fonseca shares for Spanish-speaking consumers some vital information about proper home fire and carbon monoxide safety.

As a part-time foreign language instructor, I personally and professionally view these as vital components in our efforts to spread the word about home fire safety to as wide an audience as possible. With hope I say they make an impact.