Favorite Finds

November 2, 2012

From Hurricane Sandy to Halloween to the presidential election nearing its end, this was a busy week for social media. Here are some stories that caught my eye:

  •  Lend a Helping Hand: After the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy, the TODAY show’s Digital Life blog shares where you can offer support.
  • Politics is Personal: NPR apologizes to 4-year old Abigael Evans for making her cry over the “Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney” campaign.
  • Grammar Gaffe: Ragan’s PR Daily instructs to use the em dash for emphasis – not to replace other punctuation marks. Emphasis-dash intended.
  • Marketing in Motion: Following Felix Baumgartners’s 24-mile free fall, Red Bull sponsors yet another adrenaline-pumping spectacular. But this time you get to participate! Move your mouse over this video to get a 360-degree view of an auto racer zooming around a track.
  • More Halloween Trivia: National Geographic offers some Halloween history, as well as insight into America’s 2012 celebration of the second most commercial holiday