Favorite Finds

March 29, 2013
Yet another “new” Facebook, the pros and cons of public shaming and the enviable job of doing PR for North Korea…all in all, another exciting week in reads on Twitter!
  • What your Instagram filter says about you. From sunrises to city skylines to that popular entrée at a new restaurant, 100 million monthly active users fade, age and brighten their daily lives via Instagram. This fun infographicpredicts what kind of person you are based on your filter choices. 
  • Painting a different picture for North Korea. In what must be one of the toughest PR jobs on earth, a Spaniard is tasked with expanding North Korea’s influence around the world.
  • Do you know the new Facebook? After revealing multiple changes at once, five of Facebook’s new features might have gone unnoticed.
  • Vigilante Tweeting. When an L.A. restaurant called out reservation no-shows, it begged the question: is public shaming ever an acceptable PR tactic?
  • Petraeus apologizes. The former C.I.A. director began his PR comeback with a public apology regarding the scandal that forced his resignation.