Favorite Finds

June 17, 2013
Did you know that mascots have greater brand power than celebrities? Read all about it and much more with our favorite finds for the week:
  • Timing is Everything! – We found an interesting infographic that lists, in general, the best and worst times to post to the major social networks.
  • Facebook Adds #Hashtags – Facebook announcedthis week that it will follow Twitter and Instagram’s lead and add clickable #hashtags to organize public conversations.
  •  Mascots Top Celebrities – According to new research, the Pillsbury Doughboy mascot garners more than 10 times the social-media buzz related to its brand, Pillsbury, than celebrity endorser LeBron James does for Nike.
  • B2B Social – Have you ever wondered if B2B companies really need social media? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes!
  • Social Media Success – We found an informative infographichighlighting tips for a successful social media campaign on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.