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October 27, 2017

Frightful Finds to Spook-Up Your Weekend

The world can be a weird place sometimes, and the week leading up to Halloween is no exception. Whether your fears are real or fake, here are some of my strangest finds from the past week.  Who ya gonna call?  – According to a recent survey, 30 percent of people believe their houseis haunted, 45 percent believe in ghosts and 65
October 20, 2017

Friday Fun Facts: Under the Sea and Outer Space Edition

The daily news feeds are not exactly uplifting, as of late. So I wanted to share some pretty interesting tidbits about stuff happening below the surface and beyond the cloud.  Picking Up On Some Kilonova Vibes: In case you missed it, space is back! In August, scientists were able to witness (for the first time ever) a kilonova – when
October 17, 2017

Award Spotlight: American Academy of Sleep Medicine “Sleep Recharges You” Campaign

LCWA recently won three IABC Chicago Bronze Quill Awards for our programs for Trex and Boise Paper, as well as our American Academy of Sleep Medicine “Sleep Recharges You” campaign, which was designed to promote the importance of healthy sleep among teenagers.  The #SleepRechargesYou campaign was driven by a 2016 study by the CDC showing that more than two-thirds of high
October 13, 2017

Don’t Let Paraskevidekatriaphobia Ruin Your Week

It’s Friday the 13th! A day of mystery and superstition. To kick of this week’s recap, here are some weird facts you may not know about this legendary day courtesy of USA Today. For instance, did you know that people with a fear of Friday the 13thare said to have paraskevidekatriaphobia? Try saying that five times fast. Actually, if you