Frightful Finds to Spook-Up Your Weekend

October 27, 2017

The world can be a weird place sometimes, and the week leading up to Halloween is no exception. Whether your fears are real or fake, here are some of my strangest finds from the past week. 

  • Who ya gonna call?  – According to a recent survey, 30 percent of people believe their houseis haunted, 45 percent believe in ghosts and 65 percent believe in spirits or the supernatural. So whether it’s Casper the friendly ghost or the belief in reincarnation, the existence of the supernatural adds an enticing thrill during this spooky month.
  • Leave the fakeness to the costumes – Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but more and more candy is being manufactured with strange chemical ingredients. A treat here or there won’t do too much harm, but look out for things like growth hormones, vanillin, artificial colors and BHT, a preservative linked to cancer.
  • Windex in the Windy City – More than 2,000 people have RSVP’d yes to the Facebook event “Windex the Bean”, with another 20,000 interested users. Posts on the page spark everything from possible t-shirt suggestions to people debating Windex’s effect on the environment. Currently, the only known details are the date, Nov. 15, and the brief description of, “The Bean is dirty.”
  • Not so safe and sound – Notice anything strange on your bank statement lately? If you’ve recently used an ATM machine at a Walgreens in Chicago, you may want to check. More than a dozen skimming devices have been found throughout the city, with seven of these being at Walgreens locations. Experts say best practices include inspecting machines and covering keypads while using ATM machines.
  • What to do in-between Halloween plans… – Today, the wait is finally over and Stranger Things Season 2 is on Netflix. But with a packed Hallo-weekend what’s the best way to fit in watching this addicting series? The Hollywood Reporter published a cheat sheet on the most efficient way to watch the new season so you’ll be all caught up Monday morning at the office.