A Week of Remembrance

September 14, 2018

 It has been a week of remembering the past while looking toward the future. People have come together in times of crisis, becoming stronger together. Here are a few stories from the past week:

  • Chicago Remembers 9/11 – 17 years after the tragic events in New York City, people around the country have been sharing memories of 9/11. Back in 2001, 500

    Chicagoans traveled to Ground Zero, and this week they recalled some powerful, personal stories. Check out this story about how our city helped our nation in need.

  • Lisa Brennan-Jobs Remembers Her Father, Steve Jobs – This week Apple launched two new phones and a new watch, but another story from Apple is making headlines too. Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had a complicated relationship with his family, and his daughter’s personal account of the relationship was detailed in her new memoir “Small Fry.” Her stories have caused some controversy, with other family members questioning the portrayal of the man they knew.
  • Air BnB Helps Those in Crisis Today – Hurricane Florence continues to threaten the East Coast, but one brand is trying to do its part in helping those in trouble. By activating their “Open Homes” system that has been in place since 2012, Air BnB allows evacuees and relief workers to log in to an Air BnB account and book a new place to stay for free.