Brainstorming with the Best in Bucharest

November 26, 2018
In October, I had the pleasure of meeting up with our Public Relations Global Network colleagues in Bucharest, Romania, hosted by our partner firm there, Free Communications. As always, it was wonderful to connect with and learn from our peers from around the globe. Some of the key takeaways from this conference include:
Trend Spotting and Innovation
A trend spotting and innovation expert, Delia Weisser, spoke to our group about the trends to watch and how to integrate them into our upcoming programs. From artificial intelligence to highly-personalized retail, the future is coming at us fast, and this lively discussion gave us new ways to think about using emerging technology and data on behalf of our clients.
Stronger Storytelling
We spent time discussing storytelling techniques and learning from our San Francisco partner, Landis Communications, about how they lead the information gathering with clients to produce engaging, personalized stories. No matter the channel we use, storytelling remains at the heart of our work in public relations.
Using Research to Drive Strategy
Our Malaysian partner, Perspective Strategies, shared many key learnings from recent research projects and how statistics were used not just to drive news, but to truly invent strategies and program direction. LCWA was built knowing that research should be a foundation of strategic programs, and it was great to see a like-minded philosophy from the other side of the world.
Engaging with a Common Purpose
The most valuable time was spent networking and talking through our day-to-day business dilemmas. It is always heartening to know that our common challenges – from finding new team members to staying creative for our clients – are universal. Networking with these dynamic, successful business owners always fills us with ideas and energy for the months ahead!