How to be the Greatest Trade Showman

May 2, 2019
In-person, hands-on interaction with media at trade shows can offer invaluable relationship building and product education opportunities. And planning ahead ensures that every opportunity is capitalized on, to rise above the clutter for a memorable experience and media coverage.
  • Reach out before the show. Most trade shows will provide contact information for registered media in advance. Even if they don’t, reach out to priority contacts before the show to let them know you’ll be there and where to find you. Setting up appointments in advance will ensure you are able to meet with your key targets and make the most of your time. 
  • Create an experience. Trade shows can be a great way to enable media to interact with your product and get hands on. So help them experience the best features of your product. Whether they can push buttons, make a small project or hear what it sounds like, this tangible interaction will stand-out.
  • Make eye contact, shake hands. This seems really obvious, but yet so many booths are full of staff who stand around on their phones, which could mean missed media and sales opportunities. Put. The. Phones. Away. And make sure those staffing the event know who the primary media contact is so any media who stop speak to the right people.
  • Be social. Personal connections support professional results. Attend, or even host, social gatherings where media will be present to build relationships that will extend beyond the show.
  • Stay in touch. Make sure you get media contact info and that they get yours. This could be a press kit, small giveaway with contact info attached or a business card exchange. Follow-up within 1-2 weeks of the show with personalized notes and don’t forget to add them to your LinkedIn network. Ensure any sample requests are delivered in a timely fashion.

Trade shows are a significant monetary and time investment, but these tips can help deliver media coverage amplifying product news and innovation. And don’t forget: smile, greet, dance, repeat.