Striving for a More Diverse PR Community

June 12, 2020
During the last few weeks, LCWA has been focused on helping our clients communicate with their audiences around the racial inequality issues facing our country. At the same time, we’ve engaged in many discussions about how LCWA can contribute to this movement in a meaningful way. We believe in equality and inclusion. As an agency with little diversity, we know it’s important that we listen and learn. We are grateful for the guidance of our industry’s Black voices for creating this Call to Action, which provides recommended steps to improve diversity in PR and advertising. We’ve also been talking to our peer agencies in Public Relations Global Network and engaged with the PR Council for input and ideas.
We are committed to taking steps to improve Black representation within our industry, as well as our agency. We are starting an ongoing Diversity and Inclusion Committee to help us identify actionable, measurable ways we can make an impact. The committee will begin by focusing on two main areas:
  • Education. The topics of systemic racism and implicit bias are uncomfortable, but important. We will actively plan and seek ways for our leadership and staff to learn more on these topics.
  • Recruitment. We will explore ways to encourage more people of color to consider and enter our industry. We will also examine what we can do to our own recruitment and hiring processes to attract diverse talent.
We know that this is just part of the solution. Our team is committed to implementing real change in our industry for the long-term.