An Eye on Flooring Trends

March 16, 2010

While in Las Vegas for Surfaces and the “Go all in with Pergo” event referenced by Allison in her previous post, I had a chance to stroll the show floor. Since most of my work lies specifically in the laminate flooring category, I kept my eyes peeled for the newest trends that editors and consumers alike will be talking about this year.

With so many new eye-catching colors, textures and species in the sphere of laminate design, I was blown away at what exhibitors had to offer. Here’s a taste of what we may be seeing in the not-so-distant future:

  • Art Deco Style: This style that peaked in the 1930s is making its come back. The elegant, glamorous and modern characteristics that shape these décors are influenced by the sleek, polished woods of that period. Most notably, this can be found in the glossy piano finish that is looking to become a mainstay in the industry.
  • Organic Modern: Under the influence of the rapidly growing “green” movement, this style exudes a “forest meets concrete and steel” look. Inspired by nature and raw, unfinished materials, these décors are seen with a satin finish in colors like golden, amber and driftwood.
  • Fun and Spirited: Graphic, modern and bright colors – such as purples, cerise and yellows – are starting to trend in European décor and are beginning to make their way into flooring. Pergo designers believe this movement will really take hold in the commercial sector, as well as give a punch of color to residential children’s and bonus rooms in the future. Although it may cater to a smaller market, this will definitely be a style to watch.
  • Rich Colors: Opposite the aforementioned vivid color trend, rich browns, black and grays also continue to grow in popularity. Recently, gray hues have been found to saturate walls, furnishings and accessories in the latest home décor magazines. Designers expect that this new neutral tone will quickly be integrated into the category of flooring as well.

It’s hard to tell which designs will really take off with consumers’ interest this year, but it is clear that there is certainly no shortage of inspiration for a home makeover or weekend DIY project. I felt so fortunate to have had a firsthand peek, and I already look forward to seeing what designers will have in store next year!