Working with Bloggers

May 7, 2010

As an agency, we continually work to learn and practice the best strategies and tactics for social media outreach. Through a recent webinar from Susan Getgood, co-founder of Blog With Integrity, we were reminded of some effective ways to work with bloggers.

With an infinite number of blogs on the Web and consumer conversation carrying more value than ever before, Getgood explained that public relations professionals need to make sure they have the right focus to successfully navigate the blogosphere.

Below are a few questions to ask yourself before beginning outreach:

  • Why do bloggers write? Bloggers do not write to promote products or to get free gifts. Instead, they write to share their passions and offer expertise on subjects of interest and value. Work to build strong social media relationships by putting the blogger, and not your product, at the center of the campaign.
  • Who is the best fit? As PR professionals, we always want to see many positive media placements for our clients. But, instead of trying to reach all of the “Mommy” or “Green Living” bloggers, the best campaigns target a few contacts rather than large lists. Thoughtfully research contacts who would be interested in your information or product, and creatively tailor pitches for each outlet.
  • What can I offer? For successful blogger outreach, concentrate on how you can help add value, not what you can gain. Ask yourself if there is any exclusive information you could share to benefit the community, or consider offering product giveaways to a writer and his or her followers.

Best of luck and happy socializing!