Favorite Finds

April 27, 2012

We love keeping an eye on the news and, as always, found quite a few interesting stories this week!
  • PinView: It’s no secret that people love Pinterest – so much so, that there’s a new app called PinView to make your Facebook page look just like it!
  • Big Facebook Numbers: Facebook revealed this week that it has 901 million monthly active users – who are uploading 300 million photos and making 3.2 billion likes and comments online every day. 
  • Facebook Phone Rumor: We’ve been hearing about it for years – but could the most recent rumor about a mobile phone launch from Facebook be true?
  • New LinkedIn App: The Washington Post gives a thumbs up to the new LinkedIn app for the iPad. 
  • What’s the Worth? The Daily Beast named journalism as one of the most useless college majors. Naturally, we don’t agree. 
  • Where’s the Creativity? According to a benchmark survey from Adobe – only 25 percent of people believe they are living up to their potential to be creative. This fascinating article includes a lot of cultural and geographic data as well!

Have fun uploading Facebook photos this weekend – while making your page look like Pinterest, of course!