Favorite Finds

May 18, 2012

With all the news about the Facebook IPO this week, you’d think it was the only current event!  In between stories of stocks and shares, we found some other interesting headlines. Following are a few of our favorites:

  • Pinterest Power: Companies are getting good at Pinterest and early case studies are beginning to emerge.
  • Headlines Make Headlines: In a world of news “overload” we’re reminded about the importance of a catchy phrase.
  • Can I Get Your Facebook Card?: Because Facebook is becoming so integrated in business, now there is an option to order business cards based on Facebook pages.
  • Long Live the Post: Many were nervous about the effect of Timeline on pages, but a new Sotrender study shows a post’s lifetime is longer with the “new” format. 
  • Tweet Tweet: We learned about four Twitter contest ideas to keep followers engaged and interested.