Favorite Finds

June 29, 2012

Fiascoes, folly and fun. This week our tweets rode a rollercoaster of mishaps, controversy and surprises in the social and traditional media spheres. Here’s a recap of our favorite finds:

  • Hold the Dock: In a sly, space saving move, Apple is rumored to have changed the pin-port on its latest iPhone, meaning the new model won’t dock on what you’ve got.  Are all of your favorite Apple-friendly accessories doomed to go the way of the tape player? 
  • You’ve Got Facemail: Whether you want it or not. The social media giant converted users to an @facebook.com email address this week to “give users a choice.” Feeling like you didn’t have a choice? Click here for tips on how to switch back.
  • Reporter Relations: Our top tip this week for ethical PR: practice good reporter relations, not reporter impersonations. Read how the latter backfired for a Walmart PR firm this week here.
  • Human Relations: The Today Show and LCWA agree – knowing when and how to use email is important.  We loved their feature on “When and How to Talk to a Human” and if you need more encouragement to drop email for face-to-face time, check out our Research Group’s “Stop Bad Email” report.
  • Manly Relations: Looking for a testosterone-filled version of Pinterest? Check out Dudepins, DartitUp, manteresting or any of the new male-focused social spin offs trending this week.