Favorite Finds

June 15, 2012

If you are following our Twitter feed then you already know it’s been a whirlwind week for Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. As always, we’ve been keeping our eyes out for great stories:

  • Only 140 Characters?: Twitter’s expanded tweets will display the first few lines of articles text of an article and even video right on the Twitter website.
  • Presidential Pinterest: If you’ve ever wondered what the fist family does behind the scenes, you can now follow Michelle Obama on Pinterest.
  • ROI via Facebook Messages: New research from ComScore claims people exposed to brand messages and ads on Facebook are more inclined to buy products.
  • Where in the World is Google?: Searching for something on Google might seem easy, but a new infographic from the company shows just how far that search goes.
  • Facebook Friending: The Wall Street Journal reports that both user engagement and new user growth rate is slowing sharply for Facebook.