Favorite Finds

August 17, 2012

With the back-to-school season in full swing, this week was all about continued learning and professional development. From grammar lessons to relationship building skills, we went back to school and enjoyed lessons in these subjects:

  • Social Studies: It looks like we weren’t the only ones who found it strange that Justin Bieber had more “Klout” than President Barack Obama. Klout unveiled a new scoring system this week that also takes real world influence into account. And in case you’re wondering, Obama’s Klout score now outranks Bieber’s, 99 to 91.  
  • Design: Sometimes it’s hard to tell you’re in a rut and in need of a creative boost. PR Daily looks at seven signs that say you’re PR plans might need refreshing. 
  • Grammar: We all like to consider ourselves wordsmiths, but it’s never a bad idea to get back to basics with a grammar lesson. Here’s “34 redundant, repetitive, and superfluous phrases” that you should never use in PR writing. 
  • Math: Facebook added four news metrics to Insights this week, including fan impressions. Read what other metrics social media managers can now use to help measure success. 
  • Speech: PR is all about building relationships, but sometimes it can be hard to jump the hurdle between being just someone who pitches and a valuable information source. Here are some tips on how to build better relationships with media contacts.