Favorite Finds

October 5, 2012

The first week in October brought some riveting headlines – from a news anchor throw down to a tweeting disaster. Check out some of our favorite stories below, and find even more that piqued our interested by following @LCWATeam on Twitter. 

  • News Anchor Fires Back:  Possibly one of the most talked about stories of the week is the Wisconsin news anchor who fired back at a viewer for calling her obese.
  • The Mistaken Tweet: Kitchen Aid was in the hot seat this week when a “tweeter” for the brands account accidentally unleashed a political opinion on the handle, instead of their personal account.  Read here to see how Kitchen Aid did some damage control.
  • Amp Up Your Editing Skills: Social Media Today offers up seven editing tips to improve blog post writing.  My favorite: Less is more.
  • Facebook Survival Tips:  Who doesn’t love a great infographic? Post Rocket laid out marketing for Facebook plain and simple with their 17 survival tips infographic.
  • Tweets as Surveys: Twitter rolled out a survey tool this week that allows advertisers to get user feedback via a short survey tweet.