Favorite Finds

November 16, 2012

We’re gearing up for next week’s holiday, but social media isn’t taking a break! Here’s a recap of what we found interesting this week:

  •  New Facebook Format: Facebook is testing a new formaton its brand/subscriber pages. Instead of organizing comments chronologically, they’re moved up higher – and users now have the ability to comment directly on individual comments. This definitely could change Facebook for our brands.
  • Small Biz/Corporate Pinterest Accounts: Pinterest is allowing small businesses and corporations to create official accounts. Just another sign that Pinterest is here to stay: Research firm comScore says the site had 26.7 million unique visitors last month, up from 3.3 million in October 2011. 
  • The New Shark Week?: Everyone knows about Shark Week – but now non-profit media organization Explore.org is trying to use social media to create buzz around Polar Bear Week.
  • Word of the Year: The Oxford University Press announced its word of the year on Monday – the acronym GIF, which was invented in 1987. For people working in corporate communications (and public relations!) it’s yet another sign that 2012 is “the year of the image.”
  • Brand Engagement: Facebook says engagement is up – each day, 2.5 billion content items are shared, with 300 million photos uploaded and 2.7 billion likes. It’s important for brands to be using this platform wisely – and there are so many ways to do that