Favorite Finds

December 7, 2012

The first week in December included news that will shape the future of social media – from digital presidential announcements to Google, Facebook and Twitter battling it out to be the number one social media network. Check out some of our favorite stories below:

  • The 144 Character Press Conference: President Obama forwent the old-school press conference and announced via Twitter Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s second term as the Democratic National Committee Chair. BO is a savvy Chief of State!
  • Social Media Rivalry: The most talked about story this week in the Twitterverse – No more instant Instagram sharing on Twitter!  Facebook, after outbidding Twitter to acquire Instagram, now directs clicks to the Instagram website rather than allow users to embed photos in their Tweets.
  • Google+ Joins the Fight: Google aims to grab more of the social media market with its new community-building Google+ groups feature, which allows users to form groups based on shared interests or brands. 
  • How Creative is Your Diction?: LinkedIn released the top 2012 buzzwords used in profiles. Ironically, the number one overused word is “creative.” Ragan’s PR Daily warns to be wary of using these words if you want to set your profile apart from the other 187 million LinkedIn members.
  • Integrated Digital Marketing 2013: Social Media Today discusses seven 2013 trends that will influence how businesses develop and execute digital marketing, with an emphasis on mobile marketing initiatives.