Favorite Finds

April 19, 2013

During a week of breaking news, we were glued to the Twitter stream and among the current events, also found several helpful articles this week.

  • Social Media Tips During Crisis – The tragic events in Boston held traditional and social media audiences captive this week, while brand campaigns wisely took a back seat. These top tips for brand communication during a crisis are spot on.
  • Twitter Ads Targeting Keywords – For the first time, Twitter is rolling out an ad platform that targets viewers based on keywords they use to tweet, allowing advertisers to target interests instead of simply geographic location or user demographics.
  • The Today Show Drama Continues – If you’ve been following The Today Show’s recent troubles that began with the ouster of Ann Curry, you’re not alone. This New York Times article offers an interesting look at the inner workings of the morning show behemoth.
  • Vocab Lesson – Last week, the Scripps National Spelling Bee announced that it would be quizzing participants on vocabulary for the first time, asking contestants to both define and spell their given words. We quizzed ourselves on some obscure words from spelling bees of years past – how well can you do?
  • Beautiful Parody – Dove’s “Real Beauty” sketch-artist video went viral this week, highlighting the differences of how women are perceived by themselves and by others and reinforcing the idea that “you’re more beautiful than you think.” If you’re in need of a Friday chuckle, check out this inevitable parody video where men are encouraged to describe their beauty to a sketch-artist. We’re guessing this is the next viral hit.