Favorite Finds

April 12, 2013
It’s April in Chicago and while warm spring breezes are alluding us, social media continues to sprout new and helpful tips, tricks and trends that are making our business blossom. Below are the stories we found most interesting this week.

  • Social Media Tips from The Critic – Roger Ebert wasn’t only a successful film critic (as our theater and arts arm will affirm), he was also a skilled social media user with 840K+ Twitter followers. As we remember him, we wanted to share five great social media lessons he taught all of us.
  • Goodbye Banner Ads – According to the New York Times, sponsored online articles are on the rise and challenging the banner ad in terms of online engagement, something that could have an interesting impact on PR professionals who traditionally have owned the advertorial.
  • Flipping for Flipboard – Flipboard is opening up its platform to enable users to create their own magazines. Check out recent news on this growing social networking app.
  • Home 2.0 Buzz around the HGTV Smart Home makes us wonder how long it will be before everyone can monitor the carbon footprint of their home with an iPad, or control security and heating/cooling systems through a web based cloud. We think the future isn’t that far away!
  • “Grammar” Rules – You know we love a good grammar lesson and the unnecessary quote is one of my personal pet peeves – so I loved this snarky post from mashable on a common punctuation failure.