Favorite Finds

May 24, 2013

While it doesn’t officially begin until June 21, Memorial Day weekend typically marks the start of summer. Warmer weather, outdoor patios, graduation ceremonies, summer blockbusters and barbecues all signal that the season has arrived. Here are my favorite finds to unofficially kick off summer.
  • Agile Marketing – In today’s fast-paced digital world, more brands are finding ways to revise marketing strategies in real-time. A recent article from Mashable shows how three start-ups have learned to be more nimble in order to meet consumer needs more quickly.  
  • Teens and Facebook – A recent PEW Research Center study on teens and Facebook is getting a lot of attention this week. The report found that teens are now less enthusiastic about the platform because their parents are becoming more active, the network facilitates too much “drama” and too many people overshare information on their newsfeeds. However, teens are not completely abandoning Facebook, but rather, becoming more active on Twitter and Instagram.
  • This Is Water – With graduation season upon us, a commencement speech with a newly produced video accompaniment  has gone viral on social media – and deservedly so. Originally given at Kenyon College’s graduation ceremony in 2005, the speech from author David Foster Wallace encourages listeners to be more conscious of their everyday surroundings, even during the most mundane and sometimes stressful moments in life.
  • PR Lessons in Iron Man 3 – Most summer blockbusters don’t stick with you too long after you pass through the cool air-conditioning of the theater lobby. Yet, the PR News Blog provides some actual key communications takeaways from Iron Man 3, including “keep your sense of humor,” even when facing disappointment.  
  • Brand Controversies – In light of recent controversies affecting brands this week, PR News Daily reported on a new study that suggests some controversies might actually be good for brands. The survey found that brands that take a stand on a specific issue can actually build more affinity with consumers who feel the same way.