Favorite Finds

June 28, 2013
This week was a big week in social media. History was made, scandal rocked the food community and brands are flocking in droves towards Instagram video over Vine. Let us present our favorite finds from this week!

  • Last week Paula Deen saw herself in a crisis as a lawsuit filed by a former employee alleged that Dean addressed her using a racial slur. In an attempt to rectify the situation Deen appeared on the Today show on an interview that received mixed reviews. In the aftermath, several of Deen’s partners dropped her as a spokesperson, including The Food Network, Smithfield Foods and Walmart. Will the former Food Network celebrity be able to bounce back?
  • A historic ruling was made this week for gay rights. Social media was waiting on the edge of their seats for the decision to come through via a paper announcement, which poses the question of should the Supreme Court be on social media? PR Daily weights in on the debate.
  • After the announcement of Instagram video, top brands are flocking towards the service over Twitter’s version, Vine.
  • Managing a brand’s social media accounts can sometimes be a challenge, especially when creating content that will engage your audience. Some examples include behind-the-scenes content and shareable content.
  • Now that summer is in full swing, PR pros are switching their wardrobes from warm and fuzzy to cool and comfortable. PR Daily provides some “dos and don’ts” for summer PR work wear. Using the fingertip rule, wearing flip flops with discretion and add colored pants as a way to switch things up.