Favorite Finds

June 21, 2013
The past few days brought some intriguing – and fun – news from the world of social media.  Check out what we learned from (and laughed about) with this week’s Favorite Finds:
  • Hashtag #Tips – Clickable hashtagsare all the rage on Facebook.  As a marketer, how do you know when to use them?
  • Historic Tweets – Et tu, @Brute?  Here are 10 funny tweets that would have changed history.
  • Not Feeling the Love? – There are at least nine reasons why Facebook users may not be giving your updates a thumbs up.
  • The Blog Bond – We all know the power of the mommy blogger!  Read up on some best practices for establishing connections with those in the bloggerverse.  
  • It’s Official! – The Oxford English Dictionary has deemed “tweet” to be a REAL word.  As if we needed the verification!