Favorite Finds

July 19, 2013

From a nationwide heat wave to airborne shark attacks, we’ve witnessed weather phenomena that have garnered lots of attention on Twitter. While perusing the Twitterverse, we’ve also learned a lot this week about how to best take advantage of social media platforms. Here are our favorite media stories and tips-based articles for the week:

  • Social Strategy – While sales are the bottom line, they shouldn’t be your only social media objective. From providing great customer service to establishing an industry expert status, here are attainable social media goals for individuals or companies.
  • Beat the Heat – Social media has racked up millions of references to hot weather this week! High temperatures are expected to remain throughout the weekend. ABC News offers tips to stay cool.
  • Triumphant Tweets – Check out these suggestions for creating successful Tweets. Two best tips – To achieve higher levels of engagement, use a maximum of three hashtags and keep Tweets under 100 characters.
  • Twitter Storm – The debut of Sharknado took a bite out of social media, generating 5,000 Tweets per minute for several hours. The SyFy Channel is hosting a Twitter contest to help name the sequel with hopes of trending #Sharknado.
  • Eternal Email – While social media campaigns are on the rise, email marketing is still a useful strategy to encourage people to take action.