Favorite Finds

August 16, 2013
It was a roller coaster week at work and in the social media universe. Here are some of my favorite finds: 
  • Gigya Study– Many pundits have commented on the latest findings from Gigya. Google and Pinterest are increasingly used as social logins to third-party websites.  The study showed, too, that Pinterest has surpassed Facebook with regard to e-commerce sharing. The infographics produced are worth a look, too!
  • E-commerce Sharing– Speaking of e-commerce, I attended a retail summit hosted by ShopLocal.  The summit united leaders in retail, e-commerce and social media. Steve Biddle, Global Marketing Solutions Retail Lead for Facebook, shared thoughts on “real time marketing in a connected world.” He said, too, that cute animal photos and videos still rank among the most shared pictures on Facebook.
  • Cute Animal Video– I credit People magazine with this little treasure. This clip of a mother giant panda meeting her cub is sure to go viral.
  • Fitness Tips Galore– My colleagues who work on Life Fitnesshave gotten me thinking about exercise regimes. Check out these arguments for adding resistance training to your workout.