Favorite Finds

November 15, 2013
As PR professionals, we experience the ongoing evolution of the industry. With new social media channels becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives, as well as smartphones and tablets making communication easier than ever, we learn new ways to refine our skills and help clients communicate their messages. Here are my favorite finds for this week that offer a snapshot of just some of these changes.
  • Changing LandscapePR Week released a three-part series this week on how “PR is a different beast now.” In it, the contributor notes that time is becoming more and more valuable for journalists as our news cycle has sped up considerably with blogs and Twitter. In turn, finding new ways to make connections with editors is more important than ever. 
  • Media Relations Refresher – With new ways to communicate with journalists – such as Twitter and LinkedIn – media relations continues to change. As PR pros, we integrate these new methods with traditional ones (i.e. email and phone calls) to strengthen media relationships. As a quick refresher, PR News offers a few tactics to avoid when reaching out to journalists, including doing your background research to make sure the journalist is right for the story and making sure you can deliver on interview offers.
  • Live Experiences – While many people receive product and brand recommendations from friends – often on social media – traditional live events have been shown to make a bigger impact. AdWeekreported on a new survey that found live branded experiences to be the most effective way to drive brand recommendations. 
  • Famous “Selfies” – Finally, in the spirit of blending traditional media with new trends, here are a few famous pictures reimagined as “selfies.”