Favorite Finds

November 1, 2013
We don’t have any tricks, but we do have a treat: the top stories from social media! Here’s what peeked our interest this week:
  • Spooky Spoofs: Oreo proved (again) that the brand has some scary good tactics when it comes to cranking out engaging social media content. The brand’s Halloween Vine videos were a spoof on popular scary movie scenes, generating more than 1,000 retweets. 
  • More Mobile: If you still weren’t convinced about the importance of mobile media, Facebook announced this week that almost half (48%) of daily Facebook users are now mobile-only users.
  • Real Recs: Soon, Pinterest is set to roll out a new feature called “Related Pins”that will suggest recommended pins to users. Users will have the ability to set controls on what sort of suggestions they will receive by clicking the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” button on the Related Pin. 
  • Photo Power: Google has unveiled 18 new features for Google+ – most of which are centered on editing and managing photos and videos. Google hopes that these new photo sharing tools will help boost the lagging social network.
  • News for Newspapers: Traditional media isn’t dead yet. According to Social Media Today, newspaper stories receive 44% more social media mentions than stories that are published on online-only venues.