Favorite Finds

March 7, 2014

The Oscars stole the show this week on Twitter! From Jared Leto’s powerful acceptance speech to Jennifer Lawrence taking a tumble for the second year in a row, everyone has been tweeting about #Oscars2014!
  • Best. Selfie. Ever. – When Ellen posted the selfie taken with 11 of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities, it became the most tweeted tweet ever – with more than 2.6 million retweets. All the social media blogs have been commenting, including Social Fresh – explaining how this selfie phenomenon proves that TV isn’t dead as a brand marketing tool.
  • Selfie Science – With all the commotion over Ellen’s Oscar selfie, it’s only fitting to share the following blog post, “Science behind selfie-expression.” Most selfies are taken by people in their early 20s and women smile more often in their selfies compared to men.
  • Beyond Just Visuals –Tell your fans and followers something about themselves to increase engagement. The “MarketWired Blog” shares a great example of McDonald’s sharing “infobytes” with its Canadian customers.
  • Twitter Frenzy – It seems social media didn’t miss a moment Sunday night. The Oscars took the Twitterverse by storm with more than 14.7 million tweets! Check out the red carpet Twitter trends via this Oscars infographic.
  • The Vatican Media Giant – Pope Francis is launching Mio Papa, his own magazine – with a centerfold! With a Twitter account, Facebook page and now, a weekly publication, the new, social savvy Pope may pose a threat to Ellen’s selfie success. Promotional tweets are soon to come.