Favorite Finds

April 18, 2014
From social media fails to new Facebook rules, there’s never a dull moment in the social media realm – and this week is no exception. Here are some of my favorite finds from the past few days:

  • Common Sense Takes Flight – Another week, another “oops” from people and companies on social media – particularly for the airline industry. A Dutch teen was arrested after sending what appeared to be a threatening tweet to American Airlines – serving as a warning to “pranksters” everywhere. On the brand side, US Airways accidentally tweeted a graphic photo that spread far and wide across the social media sphere in minutes.
  • Taxing Twitter – Turkey continues to battle U.S. social media companies. The latest: the Turkish government now wants Twitter and Facebook to pay taxes to its treasury – despite the fact that neither have an office in the country – because they are “reaping unfair benefits from Turkey.”
  • Ch-ch-ch-changes – In the ever-evolving world of top social networks, both Facebook and Twitter have recently announced changes – Facebook with revisions to the way brand pages work, and Twitter with updated designs.
  • It’s a Trust Thing – According to new research, millennials overwhelmingly trust user-generated content – media created by peers, which include status updates, blog posts, etc. – over other media. This helpful infographic gives a visual breakdown of how much time millennials are spending with UGC, where they’re getting it and how it’s affecting the media landscape.