Favorite Finds

April 11, 2014

Spring shakeups are abound on late night television and the social sphere certainly is opinionated! In addition to the broadcast buzz, we found lots of interesting information to fill our week. Read on for our favorite finds.  

  • Take Back the Night – This morning everyone was talking about France’s decision to ban work after 6 p.m. Some praise the decision and others call it unrealistic. What do you think? Could such a deadline possibly exist in the U.S. at any point?
  • Word Play– As PR pros, we are masters of crafting copy so it makes sense that we would want to study the effect of every word choice and what that means for reach.  These words are said to help make a post go “viral.” 
  •  Suit Yourself – Selfies continue to make headlines – both by themselves and even in conjunction with major news events. Will these techy self-portraits become the new norm?
  •  Millennium – What was once the aspirational American Dream, is now very different for today’s millennial. We were very interested to read these insights, which highlight community as more important than homes for today’s young culture.