Favorite Finds

September 26, 2014
Here are my favorite finds from a busy internet this week:
  •  #FreeSimmons: More fun sports news. After sounding off against the NFL commissioner in a profanity-laced outburst during his ownpodcast, ESPN sportswriter Bill Simmons was suspended for three weeks – a week longer than Ray Rice’s original punishment (!). The public viewed this suspension as yet another major screw up in the sports world and #FreeSimmons was a top trending hashtag this week.
  • How “suite” it is. Popular social media managing site Hootsuite gathered another $60 million in venture funding. In the wide world of mostly useless startups, this one is gold (mainly because we at LCWA use it).
  • Black-what? Yep, Blackberry still exists. The newest model, BlackBerry Passport, is supposedly something that people will actually use somewhere. Is there still a line at the Apple store?
  • How to not do PR. As we know, the NFL did and mostly continues to do everything wrong in its multiple crisis PR situations. What a great teaching moment.
  • More is less for text. If we could use a graphic for this we would: it’s now super important for social media content to have a visual focus. Here’s how.