Favorite Finds

March 13, 2015
Spring seems to finally be in the air here in Chicago, and here are my favorite finds this week!
  • Instagram on Top – According to new data from eMarketer, the number of U.S. Instagram users increased by 60 percent in 2014, and is estimated to top 100 million by 2018. Already, Instagram is bigger than Twitter, and it is currently the fastest growing social media platform among U.S. social network users. Here is a list of other Instagram statistics to help you stay on top too!
  • Frozen 2 – In anticipation of the Frozen short, “Frozen Fever,” which is accompanying “Cinderella” out in theaters today, Disney has officially announced that they are working on a Frozen sequel and social media is blowing up already in anticipation. If you can’t wait, check out this new song, “Making Today a Perfect Day,” from “Frozen Fever.”
  • End of carpool? – In Washington and Los Angeles, affluent families are turning away from the car pool and nanny-share rides to using a different option – Uber. Now Uber is becoming a child pick-up service, even launching UberFamily, even though their terms & conditions state no one under 18 can ride without an adult. Something to consider in these busy times? Needless to say this could be the way of the future for carpooling.
  • Just Misunderstood – Reddit is unlike any other social media site, and as such, it tends to get misunderstood by many. However this article from Spin Sucks offers some great ways that Reddit can be used in a PR and marketing manner without angering the Reddit mob.
  • #Zoolander2– Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson hit Paris Fashion Week this week as their favorite characters, Derek Zoolander and Hansel to announce the making of Zoolander 2. This PR stunt worked out well, perhaps because it was so big, such a surprise and it was even funny.