Favorite Finds

March 6, 2015
We found some interesting headlines this week in the social media realm. Following are some of the stories and tips that caught our attention:

  • Power Up That Press Release: Do press releases still work in the age of cluttered inboxes and social media? According to Dan Zarella, a Hubspot researcher, the short answer is yes. This article from Visually offers 10 things you mustdo for maximum press release power. 
  •  #PR Hashtags: Susan Payton of Egg Marketing offers tips on some of the best hashtags to follow and use for PR purposes. Here are the top 10.
  • Don’t Use Them! Aninfographic from Hubspot offers the do’s and don’ts regarding the use of exclamation marks. This handy flowchart will help you decide whether a sentence truly needs an exclamation point.
  • SnapChat Strategy: The rapid growth of Snapchat from a disappearing-message service into a genuine content provider has changed how brands view the popular social media platform. Learn more about incorporating SnapChat into PR programs by attending this upcoming  webinarhosted by PR News.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn: Courtney Seiter of Buffer offers several tips to fine-tune your LinkedIn marketing strategy and improve your LinkedIn company pages.