Eureka Brushroll Clean Gets Techies Talking

April 29, 2015
After months of preparation, the LCWA home products PR teamhelped Eureka officially launch the Eureka Brushroll Clean last week – their newest vacuum model featuring innovative self-cleaning technology! Within hours, tech media were already abuzz online with comments about the latest release in two great write-ups. CNETassociate editor Ry Crist posted an article on the vacuum and Brushroll Clean Technology, and called out the features of Eureka AirSpeed and SuctionSeal technologies. Meanwhile, Gizmodocontributing editor Andrew Lizewski was so impressed with the vacuum that he created a gif of the self-cleaning technology for his article and even quoted the self-cleaning brushroll as “the greatest innovation in cleaning since the housekeeper was invented.” Together, the placements yielded more than 54 million impressions!

The Brushroll Clean conversation has just started, and we’re excited to keep spreading the good news!