Favorite Finds

May 1, 2015
From cheering on our hometown Blackhawks, to #NFLDraftTown out our window and #EmptyStadium buzz in our newsfeed, we’re enjoying the sporty-spirit in the air and looking ahead to big campaign launches, sunshine and 70’s in Chicago. Here are some of the homerun tweets that caught our eye this we


  • OMG Emoji – Instagram is about to change how we use emoji. The app announced this week it will allow users to add emoji to hashtags. (Nearly half of all photo captions include emoji). Hashtag emoji will work as links within photo captions and as search terms on Instagram’s Explore page. If you head over to check it out, we recommend you also search the hot new hashtag #EmojisInTheWild for a little creative inspiration!
  •  401B – Sure, your know how important a 401K is, but according to @HubSpot benchmark data, 401 is important to marketers in a different way, too. Blogs with 401 or more posts drive double the amount of traffic to websites as those at or under the 400 mark. In addition, the research shows a prolific 16+ blog posts per month will drive 3.5x as those with 15 posts a month or less. blog.hubspot.com/marketing/blog
  • New Rules for Old Platforms – With new newsfeed algorithms rolling out on Facebook this week and the Twitterverse adjusting to loosened DM rules, there was lots of chatter on social strategies and the future of content management. Is it time to move on from Facebook? Are there new etiquette rules for Twitter? Read up to catch up on the ever-changing social game. 
  • Workin’ It – Agency life keeps us hopping, so we loved advice this week on how to go from being busy to being productive and this infographicon the best lighting, noise and set up for a to-do-list-crushing office space.
  • Webby Awards – The Webby awards were announced this week and we were excited to see Tinder get a top praise – we’ve used it in some social efforts already!
  • Uber Delicious – Good news Chicago – and all those suffering from sad desk lunch. Uber this week launched a meal-delivery service in New York and Chicago. We have an appetite to see how this pans out!