Favorite Finds

May 15, 2015
    Need a refresher on the week’s events? From a #MothersDay surge to Mad Men fanatics, there was no shortage of weird and wacky distractions to divide attention. Here are some of our favorite moments in this week’s pipeline.  

    • Moms Are Trending!  The world couldn’t stop talking about Mother’s Day this year on Facebook, as 229 million people worldwide used the site to send 1.8 billion posts relating to Mom’s favorite holiday. The sheer amount generated more conversation than the Super Bowl, NCAA tournament and Sochi Olympics. Good job, children everywhere!
    • For More, We Go to Facebook…Rumors have circled and lines have been drawn, but Facebook still launched Instant Articles this week. The new tool allows for publishers to post articles straight to the Facebook News Feed, ignoring the click-through and further blurring the lines in traditional journalism roles. Pretty soon every article will be a list, and every list a gif.
    • End of a McEra: McDonalds is desperately trying to pull a quick turnaround on their bloated, unhealthy image, and this week they pulled out all the stops on their biggest asset – the Hamburglar. That’s right! Our favorite (insert description here) character has been renovated into the model of a mask-wearing, fedora-flaunting father figure. To prove he works as a new mascot, they released some new videos on social media to get everyone jazzed up. The results are unsettling.
    • Oh, Ikea: If you need some bold, futuristic thinking for your kitchen design, look no further than everyone’s favorite relationship pressure cooker – Ikea! Their high-tech, fridge-less kitchen has been all over the news lately due to its radical thinking, including a table that doubles as an induction cooking surface and cutting board, and a system that detects ingredients and recommends recipes to use all of your fresh ingredients. If these products are the same price as their $8.99 floor lamps, then I’m in!
    • Mad Men Prepares For Its Last Cigarette: The hugely successful television show prepares for its final episode on Sunday, May 16. The buzz was all about this week as viewers and critics alike shared predictions for the closely-guarded finale. If you didn’t catch it over the last seven years, you really missed out! See: Netflix.