Favorite Finds

August 14, 2015
It was a week for laughing in a hipper way, settling scores and celebrations. Check out my favorites from the Twitterverse:

  • The Demise of LOL – LOL is so 2008 – or is it? Recent Facebook study that proclaimed “haha” is the most popular way we laugh online, with only 1.9% laughing with the old LOL, but analysis suggests that where you live has more to do with how you laugh than your age. You won’t find any hehe or haha in Chicago, for example. We love a good emoji in the Windy City.
  • Periscope Problems – Live video streaming app Periscope is popular in part because of the ability for real-time Q&A, but insiders suspect that sexual harassment may be driving female broadcasters away from the new social channel.
  • Tinder Tirades and North Korea – It comes back to vanity…Vanity Fair that is. The magazine’s September issue sparked a Twitter tirade with Tinder over an article claiming the app has changed dating norms and fostered a culture of casual sex and few relationships. Responding in 30 tweets of wrath, Tinder called out the article false and made many assertions about its validity, including a claim that it has “many users in China and North Korea who find a way to meet people on Tinder even though Facebook is banned.” The North Korea reference took on a life of its own with Twitter users, resulting in hundreds of satire-filled tweets reflecting on the dating service’s application in the communist country.
  • Press Release Hacking – U.S. authorities announced arrests this week in association with an insider trading conspiracy that involved hacking into wire distribution services MarketWired, PR Newswire and BusinessWire to gain valuable business news. Trading on the stolen news before it became public resulted in $100 million illegal profits. MarketWire issued a statement to partners including LCWA detailing the security steps it has taken since the 2010 attack to protect customers.
  • Celebration Station – From #NationalSmoresDay and #NationalRelaxationDay to #MiddleChildsDay and #LefthandersDay, this week was packed with wacky events for everyone. And while middle children tweeted out their plight and left-handers trumpeted their unique perspective, our favorite buzz of the day comes from the planes buzzing our offices Thursday and Friday in preparation for the coming #ChicagoAirAndWaterShow. Eyes to the skies, Chicago!