Favorite Finds

February 5, 2016

Parties were a trending theme this week — from The Iowa Caucus to the Big Game. While there can only be one winner in the end, I hope that this weekend we can have a few united moments in the name of football and fun. Here are a few of my favorite finds from the first week in February:
  • Brain “Bus”ter – This week the internet collectively scratched its head as kids easily answered the question and adults struggled to figure out the latest viral game – which way is the bus moving in this picture?
  • Earned Election– Whichever way you lean you can acknowledge that Trump is making headlines and receiving a massive amount of earned media. Reportsindicate that this is a very strategic candidate decision and as an advocate of earned media, the story caught my interest this week.  
  • Content Creators – Do you know the new influencers? We’re watching the new generations and how they consume and search for media. This PRWeek article articulates how brands are working with these budding stars and reaching key audiences.
  •  For the Grammar Geeks – How many correct answers did you get in this grammar quiz?
  • Live Looks – Live broadcasting just got easier with new options available from GoPro and Periscope and Facebook Live streaming out to iPhone users. We’ve already seen several breaking news stories from newsrooms and our imaginations are rampant with ideas for the future.