I wonder, will PTAT?

March 18, 2016

I got 99 #PR words but PTAT wasn’t one of them. Until this week, thanks to an Australian firm’s new glossary of more than 100 frequently used PR terms. Find the rest here, with some fun phrases specific to down under. (BTW – PTAT is short for People Talk About This. I like it.)

In the week’s other news, sorry gals, Cookie Monster is officially off the market. The hungry, hirsute Muppet and his new lady love Siri were spied flirting and baking cookies together this week in a new adfor Apple’s new iPhone 6s hands-free Siri feature

Austin’s South by Southwest Festival is an annual launch pad for new trends in music, the arts, business, tech and social media. For those who couldn’t go, like me, thanks to Social Times for ID’ing five marketing trends emerging from SXSW including the rise of social messaging over social media, challenges in measuring “dark social” interactions, and a general trend to less telling and more showing. Read the rest here.

Speaking of showing rather than telling, Adweek posted a handy infographic with new ad specs for Facebook and Instagram, a must have for any professional creating visuals and graphics for social media.

Also, Instagram took a timeout this week. Meaning, if your feed started looking different, it’s because the photo and video sharing site stopped posting chronologically, and started using an algorithm that curates your feed based on your top interests. 

Finally, graduation gift-giving season isn’t far off. If you’re looking for a clever present for any Game of Thrones teen fan bots in your life, may I recommend “Oh, The Places You’ll Snow,” a new Dr. Seuss parody book set in Westeros, with a tongue-in-cheek, rhyming take on how to navigate a stark future.