Favorite Finds

June 17, 2016

Happy Friday! Below are my favorite finds from this week.

  • Twitter Throwbacks – No longer will users have to rely on others in the Twitterverse to amplify their thoughts and opinions. Twitter now lets you retweet your own tweet because – let’s keep it real – it was that good.
  • Social Media Report – Social media has overtaken TV as a primary source of news among young people ages 18-24. A recent Reuters Institute survey reveals how social media is changing the way we access news.
  • Snapchat is Where It’s At – With the rising popularity of video, Snapchat is an emerging social platform, but businesses are slow to sign up. Business Insider offers insights into what brands are doing on this social platform.
  • Social Media Vigilantism – Following the Orlando tragedy, a hacker gained control of more than 200 accounts belonging to ISIS supporters, uploading rainbows and LGBT love. Twitter seemingly is relying on the hacker’s ability to unearth ISIS members so it can delete their account.