MAVEA Takes TV by Storm

September 16, 2016
As a leader of innovative and stylish water filtration products, our client MAVEArecently launched industry-first water filtration technology to the United States and Canada. The brand-new MicroDisc filter is smaller than a drink coaster and filters 50% more than leading water filtration brands.

To launch the MicroDisc – which fits into the pitcher, carafe and water bottle interchangeably – LCWA established a strong presence throughout traditional media, social media and online influencers. LCWA coordinated a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) with lifestyle expert, Terra Wellington to help spread the word about the MicroDisc on television and radio.

LCWA leveraged the timing of back-to-school in association with the MAVEA MicroDisc water bottles, positioning it as the perfect item for on-the-go hydration for kids of all ages. The segments walked through each unique and important feature of the MAVEA MicroDisc products – showing what sets it apart from the competition. We garnered more than 11 million impressions to date, both through digital and broadcast outlets in markets such as Charleston, Columbus, Roanoke and Ft. Myers.
Check out the clip from Fox 4 News Now below to discover more about the MAVEA MicroDisc system and its benefit to a healthy lifestyle.